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Can Globin Peptide Prevent Metabolic Syndrome?

Globin Peptide has already been widely used as an active ingredient of functional health foods (FOSHU in Japan) due to its inhibiting effects on postprandial hypertriglyceridemia. Recently, it has also been proved that Globin Peptide reduces blood glucose response to the glucose tolerance test (GTT) in normal mice by 30 % and decreases the fasting blood glucose level in KKAy mice, a model animal for type II diabetes mellitus, as well. The action mechanisms are now under investigation.

In addition to the effects on blood triglyceride and glucose, Globin Peptide can also reduce the blood pressure in SHR (spontaneous hypertensive rat) at oral doses of 0.5g/kg - 2g/kg body weight.

We already reported that Globin Peptide suppressed intra-abdominal fat (visceral fat) accumulation in dietary obese mice.

As Metabolic syndrome, principally caused by visceral fat, is characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, Globin Peptide is expected to clinically prevent metabolic syndrome.


What's New

1. Globin Peptide was shown to effective to chinese type 2 diabetic patients in the report of China CDC (November 5, 2008).
2. In clinical trial of China CDC, Globin Peptide showed to effective to hyperlipidemic patients (November 5, 2008).
3. It was confirmed that Globin Peptide was effective to the diabetic model rats by the preclinical trial of China CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)(CDC report dated October 15, 2007).
4. It was confirmed that Globin Peptide was effective to the prevention of triglyceride- and total cholesterol-increases, and to the increase of HDL-cholesterol level in hyperlipidemic model rats according to the preclinical trial of China CDC(CDC report dated November 21, 2007).



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