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Master The Health, From Saito to World

Master The Health, From Saito to World



MG Pharma is undergoing a massive change.

MG Pharma's primary orientation has always been on development, but we have now shifted the focus to greater specialization on R&D. In line with that shift in focus, MG Pharma's research institute and corporate head office functions moved to a newly-constructed facility in the Saito Life Science Park in Ibaraki City on the north side of Osaka in June 2006.

Saito Life Science Park opened in April 2004 with the aim of forming a cluster of bioscience research companies and related companies. Entities relocating there included the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation and Saito Bio-Incubator, which provides services and assistance to help startups grow. The Saito Life Science Park provides an ideal business environment that matches MG Pharma's objectives. The move to a new building in the Park was further facilitated by an additional capital injection from parent, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

MG Pharma has already successfully launched active peptide products that suppress the elevation of triglyceride levels. These are utilized internationally, and additional functions such as antidiabetic and antihypertensive effects are being found. Having settled into the new facility, MG Pharma has reaffirmed its determination to help people to feel better today and stay healthy for tomorrow. With that objective, we are working to develop further new ingredients for functional foods and neutraceuticals.

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